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Sensor Development

We develop sensors and sensing systems for agricultural and biological systems, e.g. in-situ sensors for soil measurements, sensors for crop disease detection, and sensors for high-throughput phenotyping of crops, etc.


Agricultural IoT

Agricultural IoT utilizes (wireless) sensor networks for real-time monitoring of crops, animals, environmental variables and machines, cloud-based data management systems and machine learning algorithms for smart decision-makings. 

agricultural IoT.png

Computer Vision

Our team develop vision-based systems (RGB, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral, stereo-vision, etc.) for various aspects of crop and animal production (crop/animal disease, animal behavior, crop yield mapping, etc.)

computer vision.png

Agricultural Robots

We develop robotic systems for various operations in agricultural production, e.g. autonomous yield mapping, automated harvesting, automated pollinations, and variable rate applications.

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